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Walk into the Diamondback and you KNOW you are in a country bar. From the wagon wheels sidestage to the glowing American Flags, this is one hometown boot scootin place to be.

Russ and his staff are always on top of things and the House Band Derringer is about as good as they get.

This place may be a little out of the way for parts of Detroit, but it is without doubt the premiere Country Spot in town.


WED - SUN Live Music w/ Derringer

Wednesday Line Dance 7-8 $5
Instructor: Earleen

Saturday ****FREE*****
Line Dance Class All Levels 7- 8
Earleen and Debra alternate
2-Step Beginners from 8-9
Instructors Don and Linda

Sunday Line Dance All Levels 7:30-9:00 FREE Sunday's Line Dance class is taught by Debra.

Sunday- Open Mic Night
  Sing with the Band


The Making of a House Band

Ok, Derringer is the House band for the Diamondback, but they are really much more than that. Individual musicians that have gained acclaim on their own, on tour or in other performing groups make up this band of merry men. Oh yea, then there is Danielle. Have you ever seen a great group and said, yea, they have it but they are missing something... well, with the addition of our lovely italian princess, Derringer is missing NOTHING. Danielle adds the spark, the life and the heart to the group. This is one incredible lady.