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Motown Country in a Box

The dream of many performers and the reality for some is to go to Nasville to record your music. Well, those that have been know that times can be rushed, travel expenses outrageous and you may or not end up with what you had in mind. Well, enter Tempermill Studios in Ferndale. Touted as one of the top recording facilities in the City, Dave and the group at Tempermill can Turn a Nightmare into a Dream. Contemplating some recording? Give Dave a call and talk about your project.

Tempermill is offering DCM Artists a Discount on Studio and Production time. Contact Dave at Tempermill
(248) 399-0550
for Details.
At Tempermill

Dave and his group of engineers can make a single person sound like a choir and even create with a complete symphony in studio. The array of available equipment is staggering and you will find yourself in a relaxed atmosphere that will allow you to complete your project the way YOU want to, not according to the 15min block schedule of many Nashville Studios.

IF it's new project, reworking or complete production from start to finish, give Tempermill the opportunity to show you that we really do things better in Detroit.
Facilities Available

Main Studio 26' x 25'

Isolation Booth A 7' x 12'

Isolation Booth B 7' x 12'

Isolation Booth C 5' x 10'

Control Room 22' x 24'

Available at Tempermill

Digital Workstation Mastering with Mac Quadra 650 using Sound Designer II Software, Studio Vison Pro, Degidesign Session Digital multitrack software.
Disk to Digital Importing is also Available.

Mac IIsi with Digidesign Sound Designer II Software.

Powermac G3 with Pro Tools Mix Plus Software with EDM Plugins. 882/20 Analog Interface (2) , 888/24 Analog Interface.