Welcome to the new home for Detroit Country Music on the web.

This website is designed to provide a forum for performers, fans, and venues of "LOCAL" country music. This will be a ever evolving and growing site, and much of how beneficial it becomes is up to those who submit information.

I have developed this site to create a true Country "Community" here in Detroit. As a music lover, I have found there are very few places someone can go to find out about where to go for country music. The talent in this city is remarkable, and I felt it was about time someone brought this out.

Thanks for taking the time to look and participate. With all your help, this could really become something exciting.


DCM Approved Resources
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Making it as a band today is not an easy task. Even SURVIVING as a band can be a struggle. DetroitCountryMusic.com has sought out resources that can help your band in many different ways. From Studio Time, to Merchandising to Photos, Costumes and more we have found those people in the city who extend both their arm and their discounts to DCM member bands. Please mention that you are part of DCM when you call. I have personally dealt with each of these companies and will attest to their work.

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