Welcome to the new home for Detroit Country Music on the web.

This website is designed to provide a forum for performers, fans, and venues of "LOCAL" country music. This will be a ever evolving and growing site, and much of how beneficial it becomes is up to those who submit information.

We have developed this site to create a true Country "Community" here in Detroit. As a music lover, I have found there are very few places someone can go to find out about where to go for country music. The talent in this city is remarkable, and I felt it was about time someone brought this out.

Country Music is growing in popularity like very few other styles of musical entertainment, and the people in Detroit who produce, promote and enjoy Country Music are some of the best you could ever hope to know.

In submitting your information, please be as complete as possible. I would rather see you send far too much than too little. I can always reduce content to fit format.

I hope the site takes on a simple and fun motif, so please keep that in mind in your writings and even in the photos.

Thanks for taking the time to look and participate. With all your help, this could really become something exciting.

Larry Garcia


Each club or bar will have a single page that will display in table format the following information
  • Location (including clickable map)
  • Hours of Operation
  • Live Performance Schedule
  • Photos (Interior and Exterior)
  • Notes From the Club (atmosphere)
  • Current / Past Performers
  • Booking Info
  • Email / Website Link
Each club may elect to send events schedule for up to six months in advance. These dates will be shown in our "Country Calendar" which is available directly from every web page.

At this time, listing your establishment on DetroitCountryMusic.Com is free of charge. I am doing this as a true country fan who has not been able to find this information anywhere else. Should I start requiring additional help and time in the future, there may be a minimal fee charged to venues. For now, relax, enjoy and accept a little home in our home on the world wide web.


Location - Please supply complete information including Address and phone number. If the club has an "information line" that will be displayed as well.

Live Performance Schedule - Days of the week that you have LIVE country music. You may also list DJ, Karaoke and specials nights.

Photos - Please send an exterior and at least one interior shot. You may submit 4 or 5 photos if you like, we will try to rotate them on the page as time permits. We would like at least one interior and exterior image. I understand as a photographer, that photos inside are sometimes difficult. The higher quality the image you send, the better it will show off your establishment. Feel free to send extras for us to choose from if you like.

Club Notes - This may include menu specialties, general interior atmosphere, history of your establishment and anything that might bring people in to see you. Make it light hearted and easy to understand.

Performers - Talk about your House Band, or take a stroll down Memory Lane and let people know who has graced your stage in the past. Celebrity info, hot bands that made it big, anything that would be eye catching.

Events - If you have any special shows, benefits or shows coming up, list them here. They are attention getting and informative for the fans to see. You may submit new information monthly so you always have a current up to date page.

Booking Info - If you book country bands, contact info can be given. This information can be displayed one of two ways. You can make your info PUBLIC so it will show directly on the website, or you can have it HIDDEN so that only those that request the info will have access to it.

Links - List a link to your website (or use US as your web page) and an email address where people can contact you for questions. we can offer you a unique web address that you can advertise to take people right to your page, like

Note On Mailing Materials using US Mail - We prefer that you email information, but you can also mail information, music, and photographs using US Mail or UPS, but please understand that I cannot return to you what you send me. Please send duplicate photos that you do not need back. It is not that I am unwilling to send things back, but I can make no guarantees of this. Since this is currently a No Charge service, I hope you understand. If you need to use U.S. Mail, please let me know via email and I will supply you with a mailing address.

Email Materials or Questions to: larry@DetroitCountryMusic.Com

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