Welcome to the new home for Detroit Country Music on the web.

This website is designed to provide a forum for performers, fans, and venues of "LOCAL" country music. This will be a ever evolving and growing site, and much of how beneficial it becomes is up to those who submit information.

We have developed this site to create a true Country "Community" here in Detroit. As a music lover, I have found there are very few places someone can go to find out about where to go for country music. The talent in this city is remarkable, and I felt it was about time someone brought this out.

Country Music is growing in popularity like very few other styles of musical entertainment, and the people in Detroit who produce, promote and enjoy Country Music are some of the best you could ever hope to know.

In submitting your information, please be as complete as possible. I would rather see you send far too much than too little. I can always reduce content to fit format.

I hope the site takes on a simple and fun motif, so please keep that in mind in your writings and even in the photos.

Thanks for taking the time to look and participate. With all your help, this could really become something exciting.

Larry Garcia
Founder and Webmaster


Each performer / group will have a single page that will display in table format the following information
  • Band / Performer Biography
  • Musical
  • Style
  • Photo(s)
  • Audio Clip
  • Website Link
  • Email Link
I encourage you to also send a schedule of performances for up to 6 months. The performance dates will be listed in a Country Calendar on the site which will link from the performer page.


Bio - Please limit to three or four mid length paragraphs. You can include any of the following, History, individual bios of band members (short), House band info, Short story... anything that can fit into a steady column of info.

Musical Style - If you tend to be very traditional, bluegrass, contemporary or something all together different, try to give me a flavor of your music. I have seen many of the performers, but your perception of your style or influence is important to the readers who are deciding who to go out and see.

Photo(s) - Formal Band shots are fine, and will always be posted if submitted, but feel free to send a few candid or performance shots as well. Send up to 4 or 5 images. I will likely only post 2 on your page, but I may rotate them periodically if I have them available. Photos can be sent in as hard copy (mailed) JPG, or GIF format if emailed. Images can be submitted up to about 500k in size, I will be happy to reduce them to fit format. Images of at least 400x400 should be sent to be reduced as needed.

Audio Clip - If you are emailing a clip, it could be in one of the following formats; WAV, MP3, or WMA format. I can convert nearly anything, but prefer you have things as close to usable as possible. If you choose, you may also MAIL a CD, and suggest a clip from the CD. The CD may be burned (as it is your performance) or produced.

Links - Please send an email link ( I prefer ONE email link rather than multiple for bands) and a Web Address if you have one. Links will be provided directly from your page.

Performance Schedule - Should include Dates, Venue and Time of Performance. If this is a special event (benefit, etc) this can also be listed. Please list the dates out in order, one date/venue per line. Do not gang listings ( dec 2,3,14,15,18,19..etc) The simpler for me the better, so one listing per line.

Note On Mailing Information and Materials - You can mail information, music, and photographs, but please understand that I cannot return to you what you send me. Please send duplicates, promo shots and music that you do not need back. If you need to use U.S. Mail, please let me know via email and I will supply you with a mailing address.

Email Materials or Questions to: larry@DetroitCountryMusic.Com

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