William Wyatt started his solo career in 1996, after buying his first guitar with high school graduation money. Wyatt went on to play in front of audiences right away, through open mic's and gigging solo at bars and clubs in Kalamazoo, MI.

In 1999 Wyatt recorded his first album "Go Anywhere" an acoustic compilation of his first years as a singer/songwriter. Wyatt then moved to Arizona where he continued to play in bars and at local events. He then decided to try his luck in Nashville Tennessee. Though it wasn't what he was looking for, it was in Tennessee that Wyatt created his record label, Encompass Records.

Leaving Nashville Wyatt returned to his home in Michigan and decided that bringing together some great talent to form a band was exactly what he wanted to do. Wyatt recruited Jimmy Mueller, a talented drummer/percussionist in the fall of 2000. The two started playing together and headed to the studio in 2001 to record "My Point of View" under Wyatt's own record label, Encompass Records. About a year later they went back to record the self titled "William Wyatt" (black album).

In July of 2002 Wyatt met Derrick James a bass player from East Lansing, Michigan and determined that this amazing guitar player was exactly what the now forming band needed. Not long after, Dillan Brantley "Brant" a saxophone/piano player from East Lansing hopped in with the "power trio" for a jam session in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was unanimous that this sax-playing pianist was the mortar that would seal the bands edges.

With all of this musical talent in place The William Wyatt Band is now preparing to get back to the studio and record yet another album.

   Contemporary Country
   Alternative Country
   Rockin Country
The Band
William Wyatt
- Guitar, Harmonica, Lead Vocals
Jimmy Mueller
- Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Derrick James
- Bass Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Dillon Brantley "Brant"
- Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, Vocals

Music Clips

   Any Other Way          MP3   

   MTV Song                  MP3   


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