Look for the *spark* as WildFires' country and southern rock music entertain audiences from ages 6 to 60. Enjoy music from the 1950's through todays hits of the millenium as WildFire takes you through some of the most beautiful ballads and dance tunes of the century.

WildFires foundation is made up of:

Rhythm guitar and lead vocalist, Ken Pool, of Linden. Ken started his music interest at the age of 6 when his father had showed him how to play some honky tonk on an old Gibson acoustic guitar. In 1978, Ken started his first band, Pegasus. "It was mainly a pop rock band that also did some early 70's stuff." Two of us started going from bar to bar playing our guitars and singing." In December of 1997, They were approached by the owner of a local pub and restaurant to play for New Years Eve. They found bass player Frank, and the spark for WildFire was set.

Bass guitarist Frank First, a Goodrich resident who is also a backup vocalist. First jumped to country when he went to see another band perform at a bar in Lapeer. "It was a country band and they asked me to sit in on a few numbers. In a few minutes, I was hooked." Pool saw him perform shortly after, and the WildFire foundation grew.

Steel guitar player and Goodrich resident William "Wild Bill" McAbern. Over his 20+ plus years playing steel guitar, Wild Bill has seen his share of country music. "I love to play music," he says. "We all have day jobs, but we are in the band because we love to entertain and we love music. He has played with many area bands and is WildFires "historian" when it comes area band trivia. Wild Bills smooth and gliding style creates a chill that can make you shudder and can also cry a ballad that brings tears to the crowds.

As the newest member of WildFire, drummer Tom "Tommy" Green of Fenton brings incredibly diverse talents. With his major influences found in christian and rock music, Toms style and form offers a unique perspective to a style and technique that are all too contemporaryWhether it's southern rock or country, he can change up with the best. Tom is always open to new ideas and loves to try out new stuff.
   Contemporary Country
   Classic Country
   Southern Rock
   With a touch of 50s, 60's, and 70's
      Rock & Roll


   WildFire is registered with the State of Michigan and The Worldwide Band Name Registry. WildFire is available to do weddings, parties and festivals.

   Two Miles                  MP3   

   Much Too Young         MP3   

   Aint Nothin Better       MP3   


   Ken Pool
   Band Manager
   (810) 457-3426

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