Terrie Lea

Though not yet a household name Terrie Lea has been a part of country music since the day she was born. Terrie's dad played guitar and sang to her on a daily basis. He was also a big country music fan who was fortunate enough to work, informally with some of country music's finest musicians, artist and writers.

Terrie lea grew up surrounded by country music and began singing with her dad at the age of four at backyard barbecue's. Daddy as she called him, sang and played rhythm guitar with Ferlin Husky, The Statler Bros., Skeeter Davis, Buck Owens and Keith Whitley all who became household names in country music. Sadly, Terrie Lea's dad passed on before he was able to guide his talented young daughter in the direction of potential stardom.

Terrie continued her quest by singing at weddings, parties and small town festivals with the hope of being heard or discovered by someone connected with the country music industry. Although it never quite worked out that way, Terrie Lea's first break came directly from her tiny hometown of Ortonville, Michigan. The town was trying to raise money to build a playground for the children in her community and Terrie Lea jumped right into action calling friends and neighbors to host a benefit to raise money to build a much needed play area. Ironically, one of her friends knew some people connected with Motown Records and made the call to ask if they would lend their talents, with Terrie Lea's persuasion and agreement to be the main performer for the fund raiser Terrie Lea's singing career was about to take an unforeseen giant step.

Terrie Lea met with Clay McMurray one of Motown's legendary producers and also the person who would handle the staging and production of the benefit show. The first thing he asked was, can you sing? Terrie's reply was, yes but I sing country. Clay set up a day to listen to Terrie Lea sing in order to set the schedule for the show, Terrie wasn't sure that Clay would like her country roots, so she chose a song by Trisha Yearwood called "The Nightingale" after the first 16 bars of the song Clay, later said he sat in amazement that this little red hair girl, from Ortonville, would make him ask her to start the song over stating that he wanted to hear the intro lyric once more. The show proved to be more than anyone had hope for, the town raised enough money to build the play area and Terrie Lea closed the curtains with a standing ovation.

Terrie Lea has since worked in the studio with Loretta Lynn's band, and performed at the 19th annual Detroit Hoe-down with the Red Ryder Band. Terrie is currently working with legendary country songwriter Charlie Craig in Nashville. They have already cut some sides and have created a very exciting and new sound that country music desperately needs!

Terrie lea's distinct vocal sound can warm the heart and put new passion in the ears of country music listeners. Just take a listen to country music's best kept secret.
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DCM Review
   There are very few artists that captivate you the first time you hear them. I must say that Terrie is one of those. She has an almost nostalgic quality to her songs, reminding you of the days when it really was the voice that carried the artist, not the techno garb. One listen to this wonderful lady, and I promise you will be hooked too.
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