Recording artists and stars of radio and TV, the band has been rocking stages across the United States since 1996.

The Starlight Drifters' look and musical emphasis has always focused on rockabilly but they have also explored the other contributing elements, swing, country, hillbilly bop, rock-n-roll, western swing, jump blues, gospel, and even jazz.

Their ability to play and combine styles has truly separated them from the rest of the pack and has allowed them to endure trends and fads to always come out on top, earning them international respect and die-hard followers.

The Starlight Drifters are proud to be part of the world famous Rollin' Rock label.

The Current line up:
Bill Alton - Vocals
Chris Casello - Guitar and Steel
Bradley Scott Ber - Stand Up Bass
Mike Kissick - Drums
   Western Swing
   Hillbilly Bop
   Some Rock and Roll
DCM Review (NEW 9/2002)
   I was pleased to be able to see the Starlight Drifters at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak on Sept 12th. They put on as usual a very high energy show with a wide variety of musical choices. From Red Sovine to Elvis, and everywhere in between. These guys really know how to get a crowd moving.

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   Chris Casello

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