If you were to place country, pop and rock music into a blender, the result would be the music of REDHILL. With a dynamic lead vocalist backed by veteran musician-songwriters, their songs by design are multi-marketable hits, appealing to audiences of all ages and varied musical tastes.

REDHILL presents an energetic, entertaining and memorable live show, and response to the bands’ music has been overwhelming. This has validated efforts and a committed belief that REDHILL is destined to be a powerhouse recording and touring act.

Take a listen to the music for yourself. Come and see REDHILL live. We believe you’ll agree.
   Rockin Country
   Classic Country
   Alternative Country
   Originals and Country Covers
DCM Review
   I first me Julianne at a contest the WSAQ was holding out in Port Huron. She would announce her song as " This is a song I do with my band".. well, I had never seen her before, or heard of her band (which is at least a little odd) but I was transfixed by her performance style and vocal ability. I knew this was something meant to be.
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