Jill Jack has dominated Detroit’s folk/rock scene for the past decade. A woman with a strong drive and ambition, Jill has a voice with a distinct timbre that sets her apart – each year and each album, her voice becomes more clearly defined as uniquely her own.

Her newest CD, “Moon and the Morning After”, is a collection of Jill's most honest, raw, and comfortable songs to date … each song lyrically poignant and drawing musically from folk, country, rock, and gospel roots. “This is my most personally focused record ever – the truest material I have ever written – it’s all from my heart.” It has also become a hit with fans and critics alike, winning the 2006 Detroit Music Award for Outstanding Acoustic/Folk Recording.

Her genre-jumping sound doesn't slide easily into any one format and keeps her free to write and sing what she wants, the way she wants, to create her own sound. "I am a folk artist and I'm proud of that. But I hope people will listen to my music and hear that I can do more than just a good folk song. I can go from singing a sweet ballad to rockin' the place out."

Jill Jack grew up in Michigan, and her interest in playing guitar and musical tastes were hand-me-downs from her older sisters who cultured her in the music of the times. Jill has worked relentlessly for years – everything from playing hole in the wall clubs to singing commercial jingles – and has risen to the elite of Detroit's music scene while building a large and loyal fan base that literally stretches from coast to coast (with her website receiving thousands of hits each week). For this singer/songwriter, performing countless shows while balancing all the risks involved between her music career and raising her teenage daughter have really paid off. Jill received five Detroit Music Awards in 2006, bringing her total DMA wins to 18 across three different genres (Acoustic/Folk, Country, and Pop/Rock) for vocalist, songwriter, album, and artist.

Discography: Jill has produced and released six critically-acclaimed albums (selling over 16,000 copies). She is currently touring in support of "Moon and the Morning After", released to a sold-out Baldwin Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan in October of 2005.

Performances: Major 2006 summer performances include: headlining the WYCD Downtown Hoedown (the largest free country music event in the world) as Budweiser's Artist of Choice, Blissfest Music Festival (one of the largest folk music festivals in the Midwest), being selected to open for Chris Isaak and Loretta Lynn at the Meadowbrook Music Festival (Detroit), opening for John Michael Montgomery at DTE Engery Music Theatre (Detroit), as well as performances at the Bluebird Café in Nashville, The Ark in Ann Arbor, and The Living Room in New York City.

   Classic Country
   Alternative Country
   And a Little Bit of Rock n' Roll
DCM Review
   If ever you searched for a single artist who could do it all, you need look no further than Ms. Jill Jack. From soft toned ballads to high energy, make your bones shake melodies.

This lady puts more soul into her show than anyone you are likely to see in any genre. She can mix country, blues and a twinge of rock and keep you transfixed on every word and movement.

Seeing Jill perform anytime is one of "My Favorite Things".


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