Grievous Angel

Question: What do Was (Not Was), Phil Ochs, Jill Jack, John Reischmann, Ash Can Van Gogh, Marshall Crenshaw, Kelly Donohoe, Joan Baez, Matthew Sweet, High Flyin' Bird, Wilson Pickett, Kate MacKenzie, The Supremes, Raisin Pickers, Kelly Willis, and Earl Klugh all have in common?

Answer: The members of Grievous Angel, a new band that revels in the history of American music and the part each member has played in making it.

Grievous Angel proudly take their name from a Gram Parsons album, indicating their affinity for 'cosmic American music'. Whether they play a Grateful Dead tune, a Hank Williams cover, a Creedence Clearwater Revival remake, a Little Feat or Tim Buckley or Fred Neil song - or one of their own originals - the intimate knowledge and expertise that each member brings to the musical table shines through.

All four award-winning musicians in the band have successfully made their living performing and recording music. David Mosher, whose roots lie in bluegrass and folk, is a successful children's performer and bluegrass instrumentalist, with national and international tours and two solo albums under his belt. Ron Pangborn is a successful composer and producer for TV ("Backstage Pass") as well as one of the best drummers on the Detroit scene, and has graced many a national tour with his tasteful presence. Nolan Mendenhall has played with just about every Motown and R'n'B great, won Producer of the Year Awards (Detroit Music Awards) and zigzagged from folk to reggae to jazz and back again. Billy Brandt, whose alt-country-Americana-rock roots go deep, has been a mainstay of exceptional local music through his Drum Dancer Records and his championship of and participation in such acts as Red C, Spank, Jill Jack, High Flyin' Bird, and more.

Grievous Angel are a bunch of seasoned professionals who are having a great time playing together. Whether you take the 'Cosmic American' moniker or call them 'cracker funk', the band's eclectic tastes and backgrounds lead them to explore all the pathways of American music, with stories and themes that resonate with Everyman. To be able to entertain both the music connoisseur and the guy out for a beer or two - now, that's talent.

   These Guys Do it ALL !

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DCM Review
   You put any one of these four guys into a project, and you know it will sound great. You put them all together and what you get is REMARKABLE. Musically, vocally and with a song list that stretches from here to the moon, Grievous Angel is Increible.
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