Born in upstate NY, reared in the Bay Area, and schooled in the harsh Nevada Desert, E.J. Wells is a performer/songwriter. Wells was a founding member of The Toledo Angels (1975-'77), The Human Darts (1977-'79), The Defectors (1980-'82) and Loved by Millions (1987-'90). Four years ('82-'86) were spent exploring ghosttowns in the Nevada Deserts with partner V.C Graves. During this period of time dozens of songs were born. Most are chronicled, some are lost forever. "Nevada did equal amounts of good for my songwriting, and bad for my liver" said Wells in a recent interview. Culling from his experiences and observations of the American West, E.J. wrote about 30 songs between the years of 1999 and 2001, and released his first solo album "Rhyolite" on Halloween 2002. The album is a collection of Spaghetti Western flavoured americana/alt. country songs. Aside from the dozen original compositions, E.J. put forth a cover of "Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)," an early Del Shannon song. Already the Shannon cover has earned him a spot on a soon-to-be released Del Shannon Tribute album. His rendition of the Shannon classic will be sandwiched in between contributions from heavyweights Jeff Lynne, Randy Bachman, Frank Black, and Marty Stuart.

"Rhyolite," (named for a ghosttown in southern Nevada), is co-produced by longtime Wells cohort Chris Arduser (Adrian Belew and the Bears/Psychodots/The Graveblankets), and features drum wizard Tim Gahagan on 9 of it's 13 tracks. Two tracks from Rhyolite are in steady rotation on a roots music radio program called "Mojo Dreams' in Belgium. E.J.'s music is heard regularly during Ted Alexander's show "The Locker Room" on WTKR-TV in Norfolk, VA. E.J. was recently interviewed by phone by Steve Massam on BBC Radio Humberside, Hull, UK. Wells is currently performing with his band "E.J. Wells and the Haymakers," which features drummer Chuck Caswell, bassist/vocalist Don Binkley, baritone guitarist/vocalist Rick Nease, and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Dan O'Connor.
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