A country recording artist with A.M.I. Records Nashville I have recently released a 2-song single to radio and am on the top 80 independent country charts at currently at #22 up 46 spots from my deput at #68 and have been on the charts for 26wks now.

I am in the process of going back into the studio to begin working on a album to back up the single in the next few weeks, which is set for release by early '2004.

I have been to Brason, MO. and performed on the Fowler All Night Sings which was recorded at the Grand Plaza Hotel and aired on the internet for 6 months, I was asked to return to Nashville to perform for a record contract but I was signed to Tamara Records at that time. (Tamara Records is the affilliate label of A.M.I. Records, both owned by Michael Radford who is my record producer.)

The title of the single is Donny H. - Listen, and is available now at my website we are in the process of getting our official website up and running at which will be ready very soon I'm told.
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