Detroit's Country Performer of the Year for 2001 also anchors the city's top-rated newscast. As the 5 and 11 PM anchor for WDIV-TV, NBC Detroit, Devin Scillian is a familiar face to television viewers all over southeast Michigan and southern Ontario. With three albums under his belt and a string of children's books in the stores, he's becoming just as well known in other arenas.

As a journalist, Devin has filed stories from across the country and around the world. And his career in television has been busy--- from the coverage he led of the Oklahoma City bombing that won his station a Peabody Award to filling in on the "Today" show for NBC. Devin just returned from Salt Lake City covering the Winter Olympics for WDIV and NBC. But his first love is music. Drop in at his home and chances are you'll find him with a guitar or at the piano.

Musically, Devin will tell you he's a songwriter first, a performer second. His music reflects the wide array of influences in his musical life, from Marty Robbins to John Denver, from Bill Monroe to Gordon Lightfoot. (In a Detroit Free Press review of Devin's album, "Tulsa," Greg Crawford wrote that Devin also called to mind Jim Croce and Bruce Hornsby.)

Given a full-time schedule at WDIV, his live performance schedule is limited. But his appearances in televised specials and at the Downtown Hoedown led to his win at the 2001 Detroit Music Awards as Country Performer of the Year. And on the heels of that honor, he released his third album, "A Is For America," a musical companion to his children's book of the same name (published by Sleeping Bear Press). The album was recorded in Nashville with some of Music City's finest session players. It's a musical tour of the U.S.A., from the angry and overlooked Vikings who arrived in North America only to watch Christopher Columbus get all of the credit to the spine-tingling moonwalk of Neil Armstrong. Two singles have been receiving local airplay, "Grandpa, Were You Scared?' and "Americana."
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DCM Review
   If you think you know Devin from his newscasts, even his writings, you truly need to hear his music. I first heard Devin at the 2000 Hoedown, and instantly became a fan of the smooth stylings and talent of our local newscaster and friend.
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