We are Crossroads, and we're still Country ... and lovin' it! Yeah, we're a cover band, but we do have a couple of original tunes (and more in the making). You just can't find a musical genre more diverse than good all-American Country. We paint it from a broad palette: waltzes, two-steppers, hard driving roots rock, belly rubbin' love songs, good ol' boy drinkin' songs, or just plain finger lickin' pickin'. (And some serious sawin', too!)

Country music is the song of the soul. Real life: love, joy, pain, hunger. And we aim to deliver with FEELING. But, come on ... the name of the game is FUN. Nashville is a million miles away -- we do this for the love of music.

Tom Ruttan - the heart and soul of the band. Guitarist, lead vocalist. A voice that    grabs you and just won't let go. You know - Garth, Strait, Yoakam ... okay, Gary Allen,    too, and an occasional excursion into "alternative country".
Janel - forms the band's signature sound. Fiddler, mandolin picker, vocalist. A    delicate voice beware, ye mere mortal men!
Glenn Falls -keeps the joint rockin' Bassist, vocalist. Commander Cody's in the house!
Ross Rhodes - bottom feeder. Lead guitarist, vocalist. A window rattler ... think Trace    Adkins, Sawyer Brown.
Norm Oke - holds it all together. Drummer, manager. Norm lets the rest of us do the    singin'.

So that's Crossroads: five characters you could take home to Mom - and she'll love you anyway! Four vocalists, lots of instrumental permutations, great variety - but Country through and through.
   Contemporary Country
   Classic Country
   Some Rock and Oldies Mix
        Just for Flavor

  Crossroads was Nominated for    the Metro Times Favorite   Country Artist/Band for 2001.
DCM Review
   Crossroads delivers everything they promise. Great vocals, fantastic music and one MEAN fiddle. I truly enjoyed my evening with the band. Although such bands are hard to find, they REALLY are COUNTRY. this is one band you will want to see.

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Where Are We? Sorry -- we won't be your 'house band'. (Unfortunately, the boss still expects us to show up in the morning!) But we do fill in for house bands when they take some time off. We do short runs (1-3 weekends) at saloons and honky-tonks, and an occasional one-nighter (parties, casino gigs, special events).

Some of our recurring engagements:

High Kicker Saloon, Pontiac, MI.
Motor City Casino, Detroit, MI. "Country Sundays" in the    Overdrive Lounge.
The Outpost Saloon, Port Huron, MI.
Wranglers, Howell, MI

Some of our previous gigs:

Urban Cowboy, Wayne, MI.
Allenton Tavern, Allenton, MI.
Hazel Park Raceway, Hazel Park, MI.
Chiller's, Hazel Park, MI.
The Outpost, Port Huron, MI.

Special Events where we've been seen:

Emerald Theatre, Mt. Clemens, MI. April, 2003.
   Detroit Country Battle - Winner.
Freedom Hill, Sterling Heights, MI. July, 2000.
   Country Festival.
Diamondback Saloon, Belleville, MI. June, 2001.
   True Value Country Showdown.

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