Corndaddy is an Ann Arbor, Mich. based band that plays Americana, twangcore, alt-country, roots music, whatever you call it.

Formed in 1998, the band evolved from a bunch of guys with a bunch of guitars and a shared interest in Bob Dylan and Uncle Tupelo covers to one with a sound of its own. It's been described as falling somewhere between Bakersfield, Liverpool and Nashville, which Ann Arbor just might....

Ann Arbor twang-rawkers Corndaddy are pleased to announce the release of their second CD, "Better Days."

The new CD features 10 original tracks including the title cut, "Find My Way," "Delaware" and "Sparkle's Real." It countries, it rocks. Songs touch on the stubborn optimism that defines the human heart, great barroom liars we've known, river worship, loves long ago and spirits kicking around at strange old theaters. Look for it soon at outlets including Rubber Soul Records in Ypsilanti, the official retail outlet of Corndaddy. We're also at Encore Recordings, Borders Books and Music and Schoolkids Records in Exile in Ann Arbor.

The Detroit Free Press says: "With a pure purpose and honest intent, Corndaddy makes refreshingly uncluttered country rock -- keenly aware of the genre's standard-bearers but not absorbed with imitation. Guitarist-vocalists Kevin Brown and Jud Branam are the creative forces here, a position they staked out on the group's stellar 2000 debut album. On "Better Days," they've delivered more of what made that album click.

   Alternative Country
   Roots Music
Our lineup includes:
Jud Branam -- rhythm guitar, vocals
Kevin Brown -- lead guitar, mandolin,
     harmonica, vocals
Jerry Hancock -- bass
Will Stewart -- drums, guitar, vocals

with-- Alan Pagliere -- pedal steel guitar


   Sleeping Outside Omaha   MP3

   Restless                          MP3   

   Jud Branam
   627 Miner
   Ann Arbor, Mich. 48103

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