"Singer-songwriter, Annie Capps is heir to the long history of folk music as a medium for social commentary. At the same time, she is clearly a folksinger for the twenty-first century, using her art to explore the psychology of the individual to engage in a little fret therapy." (Stephanie Kadel-Taras, Ann Arbor Observer)

Drawing on three decades of wide ranging influences, Annie offers a little bit of something for everyone. Her lyrics are a shameless exposť of her own doubts, fears and desires, with inner revelations that speak clearly to the masses. Her music is a stylistically diverse folk pop kind of thing, with hints of country, bluegrass, americana, and even reggae and jazz, compliments of the "artful" guitar work of her husband, Rod Capps. Drummer/percussionist Christine Schinker adds the finishing touches with her easy rhythm and warm harmony vocals.

First joining forces in 1983, Annie and Rod have covered the musical gamut from hard rock to dance pop. After a lengthy stint with their cover band "Foolish Mortals", the duo became "Roxanne" and in 1999, released their first self-produced album, "A Thousand Pictures". The gradual shift from "bar band" to singer/songwriter was complete by July 2001, when Annie and Rod released their second album titled "The Wrong Shoes". Both albums were well received and led to multiple Detroit Music Award nominations, including "outstanding recording" in the acoustic/folk category.

Their newest CD, "Not So Sure", released April 2003, finds Annie and Rod continually exploring new territory with 12 new songs steeped in contrasting themes of fragility and strength, beginnings and endings, restlessness and escape, "Not So Sure" is a journey into the psyche of this unique singer/songwriter.

With influences as diverse as Ani DiFranco and Frank Zappa, as rockin' as Led Zeppelin and Heart, and as unique as Michelle Shocked and Patty Larkin this duo marries their edgy rock sensibilities with the grace of a not-so-traditional folk artist.

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DCM Review
   Annie is one of the true forces in local folk music. Her songs are as strong and determined as she has been in her career. Incredible Songwriting and a very "hip" presence, you will love any performance you see. Adding Christine just gave an additional wonderful dimension to what was already a great duo with Annie and Rod.

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   Annie Capps

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