We play American music. Country, rock, blues and folk, rolled into one soulful book of songs. They are songs that speak to all the pain and joy of human experience-songs that are true to life and that's how they sound. The people who live next door to our practice space told us, "You guys play real music," a compliment that we take as seriously as any news reporter's review. Besides being real, American Cosmos has been called tight, clean, and surprisingly solid. Why surprisingly? Because we've only been together since February of 2004. In four short months we've played five of Lansing's music venues, performed live on 88.9fm The Impact, participated in two out of town tribute shows and recorded a six song EP with Lansing's best engineer, Glenn Brown. Our band started with four strangers who have an infectious love for a type of music that very few people know about: country. Not the stuff on the radio that is meant to make you run off and join the army or propose to your girlfriend of one month. Not the pop music written by ghost writers who sit in offices in Nashville and churn out gimmick titles with hooks that sound like they were meant to sell a double axel pickup.

Our band name is a gracious bow to country rock legend Gram Parsons, who called his music "Cosmic American Music." Parsons was the first to blend African American soul music with straight up cracker country. Our blend of sounds is meant to stay true to his tradition. That's what American music is really about: progressive tradition. This is our stanza of that old and unfinished poem. Listen and enjoy!
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American Cosmos is:
Jonathan Britton - Drums
Paul Delamater - Guitar & Vocals
Thad Strom - Bass & Vocals
Carra Barratt - Lead Vocals & Guitar


   Right Down To Nothing    MP3   

   Indian Summer            MP3   


   Carra Barratt
   PHONE: 517.449.6620
   Webmasters note: If you look up the word "persistent" in the Dictionary, you will find American Cosmos. They have been persuing entry with DCM far longer than they should have had to. My schedule this summer as everyone knows was nuts. Thanks Carra and the gang for sticking in there. Larry

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